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Studio Berlin relies on Postium monitors for all UHD/HDR-relevant workstations in the new OB truck

With its new UHD/HDR OB truck Ü10, Studio Berlin sets standards in the field of mobile production units and realizes a completely new concept. Over the years, the company has acquired great know-how in UHD/HDR productions, especially in the single master workflow. Thus, Studio Berlin also placed great emphasis on excellent technology in the Ü10, which shows its potential especially in HDR productions.

Together with our partner Postium, we are pleased to have contributed to the success of the new showcase OB truck. During extensive tests, Studio Berlin was convinced of the features and class of the Postium monitors. As a consequence, they are used in all areas of the OB van that are important for monitoring HDR signals.

4x OBM-X310 31" UHD/HDR Class1 monitors and 4x OBM-U311 31" UHD/HDR monitors from Postium are installed in the OB van to monitor the HDR image to the highest standards. In addition, 5x OBM-U241 UHD/HDR monitors are used for workstations in the areas of edit, VTR and OB ladder. Thus, Postium monitors with their high quality are available to the OB crew at all workstations responsible for image quality. The Postium OBM-X310 devices are the reference products in the field of color grading monitors for UHD/HDR. The 31" OBM-X310 meets or exceeds all required HDR mastering format specifications for luminance, color gamut and bit depth for current HDR mastering formats such as Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HDR10+, HLG and others. The monitor offers a native 4096x2160 dual-cell modulated LCD display with a maximum HDR luminance of 1000 nits. The OBM-X310, like the OBM-U monitors, is equipped with standard 12G/6G/3G SDI input interfaces (x2) and HDMI 2.0 input, and supports both 4K Quad Link 2-Sample Interleave and 4K Quad Link Square Division signals over SDI and SFP, and accepts a wide range of signal formats. The OBM-U Series monitors offer native UHD resolution of 3840×2160 or 4K DCI resolution of 4096×2160, depending on the model, and decoding and display of closed captioning for CEA-708 (HD-SDI standard for closed captioning) and CEA-608 (SD-SDI standard for closed captioning) is supported via the SDI input. The OBM-U series accepts up to 3840×2160/24,25,30,50,60p and 4096×2160/24,25,30,50,60p signals.

More information about the vehicle is available on Studio Berlin's website:, about Postium's monitors please contact us at


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