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LOGIC Media Solutions Opens the LOGIC Media Training Centre, A.K.A. LMTZ

LOGIC Media Solutions is thrilled to announce the opening of its LOGIC Media Training Centre in Mainz in 2024. After relocating to more spacious and versatile premises in Mainz at the end of 2023, the company is kicking off this year with an extensive training and workshop program at its new Mainz office. The training centre is fully equipped with the necessary IT infrastructure and can accommodate up to eight participants.

A unique feature is that some courses can be directly booked through the ARD/ZDF Media Academy. Thus, they're recognized as professional education, they come with all associated benefits. The classes are primarily held on-site in Mainz. Still, they can also be conducted in-house at clients' locations, as webinars, or, as usual, at the ARD/ZDF Media Academy in Nuremberg. The central location of the LMTZ is particularly convenient for clients based in western Germany, reducing travel time and costs. The duration of the training events varies depending on the topic, ranging from half-day sessions to full-day and multi-day modules.

The courses cover specific products and services offered by LOGIC and broader current trends in the broadcast and media industry. Topics include hybrid or IP-based media workflows with tools like Grass Valley AMPP, Nevion VideoIPath, or Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additionally, tools for specific use cases in news studios or media workflows, such as Octopus, Cuttingroom, or Embrace, are part of the training. A significant focus is the paradigm shift in the broadcast world towards IP- and cloud-based production, discussing critical considerations in transitioning from SDI to IP, the necessity of an SDN, the integration of NMOS, ST 2110, security in IP- or cloud-based production environments, and the changes in processes and staffing requirements or planning.

At LOGIC Media Training Centre, we believe in the power of practical expertise. That's why every product, service, and topic we cover is a daily part of our projects. Our trainers leverage their experience from numerous projects to provide you with relevant, hands-on knowledge that you can apply in your work immediately.

The LOGIC Media Training Centre's website offers more information on the program:


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