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LOGIC expands its “PORTAL Human” training portfolio

LOGIC media solutions (LOGIC) offers technical services under the PORTAL Framework and focuses on an agile mindset for its own company and clients. The PORTAL Framework impacts the LOGIC company itself and the projects that LOGIC implements with clients. The PORTAL Framework is divided into PORTAL Technology and PORTAL Human. PORTAL Technology offers workflows and frontends around hybrid media systems and IT infrastructures. Under PORTAL Human, LOGIC combines its agile approach, agile project management, and technical services around designing and developing hybrid infrastructures.

PORTAL Human is also home to LOGIC's training offering, which the company is continuously expanding. As a new offering, the training courses under PORTAL.skillset deal with the technical services that LOGIC provides. These technical training aims to enable participants to work with similar skillsets. Events from this programme cover, for example, the following topics:

- Software Defined Networks

- Nevion VideoIPath

- Octopus Newsroom

- Cloud Basics for Media Production on AWS

Under PORTAL.mindset, the company brings together training courses on agile conduct and agile processes. The training courses in the PORTAL.mindset area teach, for example, "Agile methods in the media company". The coaches train participants from media companies in a two-day workshop or weekly for 1 ½ hour each. They teach methods, new approaches to project implementation and the establishment of a new approach to challenges, which are specifically tailored to the needs of media companies - all under the aspect of agility. Thus, this agile basic attitude, which is a prerequisite for the described transformation processes, forms the workshop's focus.

The new training courses will be offered from 2022. Information on the training courses is already available at

LOGIC's certified coaches live agility both by establishing this methodology in their own company and in many projects that they have already successfully implemented with this approach. LOGIC itself uses agility as a fundamental building block of its entrepreneurial activities. PORTAL is LOGIC's agile framework with which the company manages projects and develops services.


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