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LOGIC new sales partner for hi human interface control system for broadcast and media

Updated: May 25, 2021

Bingen (Germany), 15 February 2021

Broadcast Solutions GmbH and LOGIC media solutions GmbH are entering into a close sales partnership. LOGIC media solutions is responsible for distributing the hi human interface control system for broadcast and media in Germany, as of January 2021. As part of this sales partnership, LOGIC will also provide first level support.

Humphrey Hoch, Senior Innovation Director at Broadcast Solutions, explains the partnership: "After presenting hi human interface to the industry three years ago, we are constantly improving the product and adding new features, also through feedback from our customers. Due to the massive increase in demand for our product, it is necessary to reorganise our sales department to focus our internal resources even more on product management and product development. With LOGIC media solutions, we have found a partner with in-depth knowledge of the broadcast market and is equally strong in service. I am sure this partnership will positively impact our users and the distribution of the hi human interface control system."

Christophe Bingemer, Managing Director at LOGIC media solutions GmbH, adds: "We are very pleased to have added another innovative product in our sales portfolio with the hi human interface control system. With our strong sales network in live broadcasting and our support services, we are the ideal partner for Broadcast Solutions to establish the product even better in the market."

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