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Training "PORTAL Mindset" - LOGIC makes media companies fit for the future with agile methods

Agility is one of the buzzwords that comes up again and again in connection with project planning topics. However, LOGIC media solutions' new training program shows that agility, an agile mindset and agile methods are more than buzzwords, but excellent approaches to implementing complex projects. The title of the training "PORTAL Mindset - Agile Basics for Media Companies" directly conveys the orientation of the event. On the one hand, the focus is on a basic agile mindset, which is a prerequisite for agile project management and the application of agile methods. On the other hand, there is a further focus in the orientation of the event on teaching agile fundamentals especially for media companies. Booking is now possible via

The topic of agile will be taught by coaches from the field who know how media companies and broadcasters "tick", how tenders work and how quickly technologies change and renew (especially now) and what consequences this has for projects.

The two certified agile coaches Jens Gnad and Thomas Heyer live agility both by establishing this methodology in their own company and in many projects they have already successfully implemented using this approach. LOGIC itself uses agility as a basic building block of its own entrepreneurial activities. PORTAL is LOGIC's agile framework, which Jens Gand and his team use to manage projects, develop services and run their own company.

The course "PORTAL Mindset - Agile Basics for Media Companies" has a modular structure and can be held at the customer's premises or via Remote Tool as a two or three-day event. It is also possible to split the course into weekly sessions (10 x 1.5 hours) via Remote Tool. Module 1 (2 days) introduces the topics agile mindset, SCRUM, Kanban and better communication. The coaches also explain what impact agile has on projects for customers and project implementers - responsibilities and collaboration shift fundamentally. However, this also gives the customer a much better and early insight into the project process. The content and design of Module 1 (2 days) can be tailored specifically to the situation and needs of the group. In the optional Module 2 (1 day), participants have the opportunity to work out in smaller groups already current challenges of the companies and teams, which can be better managed and solved with an agile attitude. Here LOGIC is supported by an experienced and certified coach with focus on interpersonal communication, conflict management and team development.

Joint projects can be implemented to mutual satisfaction with the use of agile, even if the requirements become increasingly complex. By using an agile mindset, everyone involved in the project benefits - during and also at the successful conclusion.

More about the PORTAL Mindset course in the video:

The PORTAL Mindset course at a glance:

PORTAL Mindset - Agile Fundamentals for Media Companies Module 1 + 2

Training on site at the customer

Day 1 - Module 1 (8 hours)

Day 2 - Module 1 (8 hours)

Day 3 - Module 2 (optional) (8 hours)

Duration 8 hours per day

Training via Remote Tool

Day 1 - Module 1 (8 hours)

Day 2 - Module 1 (8 hours)

Training weekly (spread over 10 weeks) via Remote Tool

Day 1 to Day 10 - Module 1 (1.5 hours each)

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