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PORTAL.vod - creating highlight clips in AWS Elemental MediaPackage with ease

LOGIC adds another module to its PORTAL Framework. PORTAL.vod is part of PORTAL Technology, the technical component of the PORTAL Framework for the AWS ecosystem for cloud-based media workflows. PORTAL.vod and its intuitive user interface make it easy for users to create highlight clips from livestreams and make them available to the system. With the module, users can set markers in a ring buffer, display timecode, and ultimately title and export assets for further processing. With PORTAL.vod, LOGIC extends the functionality of PORTAL Technology, which allows complex media workflows to be implemented in AWS Services with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. PORTAL.vod is already in use by customers. More information and specifications will soon be available on the LOGIC website or during a direct conversation. We are looking forward to it! Feel free to contact us at:


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