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PORTAL.clip with Multiclip - create highlight clips from up to six live streams simultaneously

LOGIC media solutions has added a new feature to its PORTAL.clip frontend that further simplifies media production and highlight clipping in AWS, as Multiclip enables the extraction of highlight clips from up to six live streams simultaneously. The Multiclip feature is available immediately.

As with all front-ends and workflows in PORTAL, LOGIC focuses on user-centricity, ease of use and stable runtime for the Multiclip feature. An application example of Multiclip is, for example, clipping a scene from an event with multiple camera feeds to extract the same scene from different perspectives.

To do this, the user must select the desired feed from the six feeds, and only set a mark in/out point once, and then receives the clips on a shared storage. This storage is in turn linked to remote editing workstations on which Adobe Premiere is installed. This allows other team members to access and edit the clips from any workstation.

PORTAL.clip, including the Multiclip feature, is part of PORTAL Technology, which provides frontends and solutions for media workflows in the AWS Cloud under the umbrella of the PORTAL framework. With the frontends, various functions in AWS can also be operated by non-technicians and easily managed by administrators.


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