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Nevion VideoIPath orchestrates WDR RegioNet - LOGIC supports WDR

In close collaboration with Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), Germany, LOGIC media solutions has successfully completed a highly demanding routing and orchestration project within the broadcaster's RegioNet. This pioneering initiative marks a significant milestone for WDR as RegioNet has evolved from a traditional IP-based network into a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) environment. In this new configuration, RegioNet not only demonstrates enhanced stability but also increased operational flexibility. Furthermore, the future readiness of this critical WDR infrastructure is significantly bolstered.

WDR RegioNet connects 16 of the broadcaster's locations for contribution and distribution, integrating not only production lines (for exchange and network interconnection) but also the delivery to broadcasters and various distribution channels such as streaming, DAB+, FM, DVB-S2, and DVB-T2.

With the project's completion, WDR RegioNet's IP-based network is now orchestrated and monitored using Nevion VideoIPath. In addition to orchestrating RegioNet's Arista switches, VideoIPath also controls the Lawo PowerCores, which act as routing devices and gateways for the audio signals of WDR radio stations. Direct access to the PowerCores via the Ember+ interface by VideoIPath ensures smooth and seamless access to their functions. To guarantee the highest level of fail-safety, LOGIC has installed the VideoIPath software in a Docker cluster. This innovative containerization and the use of virtual instances make the VideoIPath installation not only hardware-independent but also provide sufficient redundancy to ensure reliable operation.

LOGIC has closely supported WDR as a service and consulting partner throughout every project phase. From the initial consultation through the network setup and implementation to migration, the focus was on ensuring that the WAN team of "WDR Programme Distribution and Networks" could operate RegioNet securely and independently and implement transmission requirements and adjustments flexibly. This comprehensive support enables WDR to operate its RegioNet efficiently and in a future-oriented way.


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