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LOGIC media solutions makes changes to PORTAL Technology: PORTAL.vod becomes PORTAL.clip

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

LOGIC media solutions is giving one of its frontend solutions for AWS a new name. PORTAL.vod becomes PORTAL.clip. Living under the umbrella of the PORTAL Framework, with PORTAL Technology LOGIC offers frontends and workflows for cloud-based media workflows on AWS. PORTAL.clip is part of a whole suite of frontends for AWS and is already being used successfully by customers (see below).

With the name change, LOGIC underlines the extended functionality of PORTAL.clip. With its intuitive user interface, the frontend makes it particularly easy for users of AWS services to create highlight clips from multiple livestreams and make them available to the system for further processing, e.g. for NLE systems, social media or video-on-demand platforms.

Integrating via the PORTAL.λ bridge with PORTAL.convert, users can also add graphics, openers or closers to the highlight clips, defined by an admin. Of course, the results can also be published on social media.

Leveraging the PORTAL.clip module, users can set markers in a ring buffer, display the timecode and finally title and export assets for further processing. With PORTAL.clip, LOGIC extends the functionality of PORTAL Technology, allowing complex media workflows to be realised in AWS Services using an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. PORTAL.clip recently was the system of choice for for the production of the European Equestrian Games 2021, which significantly simplified highlight clipping in the cloud.

With PORTAL Technology as part of the PORTAL Framework, LOGIC implements customised media workflows in AWS that are intuitive to use by deploying structured, browser-based interfaces, thus simplifying production with AWS.

Further information can be found at The LOGIC sales team will be happy to answer your questions at


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