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LOGIC implements a direct link of NRW state parliament to WDR state studio in Düsseldorf (Germany)

As the first part of a multi-stage project, LOGIC media solutions has realised the direct link of German public broadcaster WDR’s studio in Düsseldorf (Germany) with NRW’s state parliament, also located in Düsseldorf. Via this line connection, WDR records all state parliament debates and press conferences and produces broadcasts from the state parliament. The installation aimed to provide a high-quality connection between the two locations with minimum delay. For this purpose, WDR and the Landtag are linked with a dedicated fibre line using a DWDM system. Nevion Virtuoso units are used for the television transmissions, encoding or decoding the signals and passing them on to the switches for further transport.

The video signals are produced in HD-SDI, compressed by the Nevion Virtuoso units in JPEG XS and transmitted using the SMPTE 2110 standard. The delay in the system is less than 10 ms with encoding/decoding and signal transport. With the bidirectional connection, the installation hosts five (5) streams from the state parliament to the WDR and three (3) streams from the WDR to the state parliament. In the future, the Virtuoso units will take on additional tasks. In a further step, Nevion’s VideoIPath will be integrated, which will be used as an orchestration layer and SDN controller for the comprehensive WAN infrastructure of the WDR and will take over configuration, routing and monitoring tasks.


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