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ClipMyHorse.TV / use LOGIC PORTAL modules for highlight production

Live TV production in the AWS Cloud - Broadcasters ClipMyHorse.TV / use LOGIC PORTAL modules for highlight production at European Equestrian Games 2021

ClipMyHorse.TV and, for the first time, produced the world feed at the European Equestrian Games 2021, taking place in Germany this summer. The competition featured the events dressage and show jumping.

ClipMyHorse used new PORTAL modules PORTAL.edit and PORTAL.vod running under the AWS Cloud to produce the competition’s daily highlights summary. Deploying the combination of cloud-based highlight clipping with PORTAL.vod and editing under Adobe Workspaces on AWS with PORTAL.edit, ClipMyHorse simplified the daily production process enormously. Additionally, remote production was easier with editors and producers located in the UK handling post-production.

The workflow in detail: With PORTAL.vod, the producer clips (using mark-in and mark-out) the desired sequences from the world feed stream and entitles them. These assets are automatically forwarded to the editor’s Adobe Premiere Workstation on AWS, who is already working on the highlights summary in parallel. Afterwards, editors and producers can edit the final version under the control of PORTAL.edit in the Adobe Premiere PRO Workspace and export individual clips to further tasks. Common to all PORTAL modules, PORTAL.edit and PORTAL.vod are running on an HTML5 user interface allowing the users to use Adobe Premiere PRO in the browser without installing the software on their computer. PORTAL modules simplify remote working by superseding concerns about the user’s computer performance and ensuring individual use of software licences.

By applying the PORTAL modules, ClipMyHorse.TV simplified production processes and reduced costs, e.g. travel, accommodation or workplace on-site. As a further benefit, the number of workspaces can be adapted at short notice on request.

PORTAL.edit and PORTAL.vod are part of LOGICs PORTAL Framework modules for the AWS ecosystem of cloud-based media workflows. With PORTAL.vod and its intuitive user interface, users can easily create highlight clips from livestreams and make them available to the system for further editing. The module allows users to set markers in a ring buffer, display the timecode and finally entitle and export assets for further processing. These assets can then be edited directly in the AWS Cloud using PORTAL.edit in Adobe Workspaces of Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

With the PORTAL framework, LOGIC implements customised media workflows in AWS that are intuitive, clearly structured, easy to use, leverage browser-based interfaces and thus simplify production with AWS significantly.


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