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What a year we have had!

by Jens Gnad

Looking back at the past year in purely economic terms, we at LOGIC got off lightly. We had the chance to earn what we needed to pay all salaries, hire new employees and try out one or another experiment.

Fortunately, it is not only the economic aspect that drives us, but also the will to achieve something meaningful for our customers. In these highly complex times in the media world, we want to help our customers identify their added value and then realize it. To do this, we have a selection of highly professional and reliable partners with whom we implement these projects.

But what is the point of all this if what is at the heart of this disruptive transformation can no longer be deployed in the same way as before - the employee, the creator of ideas, the colleague, the knowledge worker, simply the human being.

In 2020, I personally learned what it means to understand people, to accept them, and in the doing, to push myself to my own mental limits.

I have never been so exhausted and tired at the end of a year. Only I wonder why and what could be done to improve it.

Looking back, I probably spent four to six hours a week with myself or my business partner, who deserves a special thanks for managing this year with me, trying out new ideas on how to reach customers, implement projects completely remote, get negotiations done in video conferences and, of course, keep our employees motivated.

Friday beers, a virtual Christmas party, little treats in between, financial support, office rules to protect employees, days off for childcare, daily company-wide video conferences for a collaborative exchange, special consideration of the personal situation of employees living alone to avoid social isolation, and, and, and.

Do not get me wrong, we were happy to do it and it was definitely necessary. It is the extra mile you should go as a responsible person if you want to motivate others to do the same.

Our team accomplished incredible things in 2020. Imagine making such a drastic change from a status quo that was very well settled and almost everything continues to run smoothly. This only works if everyone has the same mindset and understanding of our mission.

Dear colleagues, I know you were almost all running on fumes by the end of the year and we want to thank you all for hanging in there.

2021 will probably start quite hard, but will certainly end significantly better than 2020. In 2022 LOGIC will be 25 years old and we promise you already that we will then make up for all the parties we have left behind or will have to leave behind.

We are proud of you!

But I would also like to thank our partners, both customers and manufacturers, because they also gave their all and remembered the good times before, despite the difficult situations.

In an extreme situation, it is easy to block out everything that went ideal before, and focus on the negative. However, it requires greatness and foresight to get through difficult times together and not immediately change strategy when the wind blows from the front. n und nicht sofort die Strategie zu ändern, wenn der Wind von vorne weht.


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