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Our Christmas event: Scratching for a good cause

The traditional Christmas scratch card event returned yet again this year: We asked our partners, customers and friends to encourage us to donate by scratching off a spot on our Christmas card. The total of all amounts that were scratched off by the card recipients and reported back to us were divided and donated to two local non-profit organizations.

This year, we supported the Tierhilfeverein Kellerranch e.V. and the Kinderschutzbund Mainz e.V. with our donation.

The Tierhilfeverein Kellerranch e.V. is a sanctuary and animal shelter in Weiterstadt, Germany, where more than 300 animals of various species, from pets to farm animals to wild animals, are offered a loving new home. In addition to providing for the animals, the animal aid association is also committed to helping people. Animal caretakers are regularly trained here, and there are various offers for children and youths to get in touch with the animals and learn more about animal welfare.

The Kinderschutzbund Mainz e.V. is part of the Deutscher Kinderschutzbund e.V. and is actively involved in child, youth and family welfare in Mainz and the Mainz-Bingen district.

The Children's Protection Association has decided to invest our donation specifically in one of its many facilities, the Nachbarschaftstreff Laubenheim. The Nachbarschaftstreff Laubenheim is a cooperation project with Wohnbau Mainz GmbH and is centrally located in the social housing area in Rüsselsheimer Allee in Laubenheim. Here, children and families are offered a place for community and there are various services for children, parents and families.

We are pleased that we were able to support both organizations with 750€ each as part of our Christmas scratch card event and would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners, customers and friends once again for their participation.


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