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Next-generation highlight and telestration systems from RT Software now at LOGIC

With the solutions of the British manufacturer RT Software, LOGIC media solutions offers innovative and field-proven products that are used in the live production environment for graphic overlays, highlights or telestration situations. RT Software's focus here is on easy installation, simple and intuitive operation with a wide range of functions and the software-only concept. Getting started is also very easy. A complete 30-day trial version is available for download for each product. The software suites Tactic, Swift or Sports Live offer all necessary functions at an absolutely convincing price.

Especially with sports and news productions, it is always a question of offering the viewers a certain extra insight into what is happening on the field or of fading in further additional information. The tools of choice are graphic overlays, highlight and telestration systems. The focus of all RT Software products is on a wide range of functions and simple operation - quasi plug'n'play. All products of the manufacturer are already in use at many European and international broadcasters. RT Software's tools are software-based, intuitive to learn and a full 30-day trial version is available for download on the manufacturer's homepage.

With Tactic, RT Software offers a telestration tool that is easy to learn and use. The software already comes with a toolset that covers the most common applications. The premium version additionally offers AI-supported player detection functions to avoid the tedious manual tracking of players. Implementation into existing systems is as easy as can be. Tactic works seamlessly with all common replay servers but also supports file-based network or hard disk workflows without replay servers.

Interface Tactic Pro

The Swift software suite is a modular toolset used as a graphics editor, graphics controller and for graphics rendering. Swift News is available for the special requirements of news production. Integration is easy and journalists can use their existing NRCS client PCs to take control of on-air branding. Designers create the look and journalists control the content. Swift News uses the MOS gateway to ensure that messages are sent back and forth between Swift News and the NRCS. Control is via Active X integration, playout is manual or automated via the Swift Live HTML5 interface or newsroom automation.

With Sports Live, users realize graphic inserts or virtual advertising in live images. The tool delivers in-game markers, explanations and advertisements that seamlessly integrate into the gameplay and work on any type of surface, whether grass or water.

RT Software's systems are already in use at many European and international broadcasters, including TRT (Turkey), Sky UK, BBC (UK), Altitude (USA), LNK (Lithuania), Digi Sport (Slovakia), Sport Digital TV (Germany), MDR, SR, Fox Sports (USA) or ERR (Estonia).

If you have any further questions about RT Software's products, please contact the LOGIC media solutions team at:

Further resources on the products can be found here:

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