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LOGIC supports public broadcaster KBS in South Korea with PIERO sports analysis tool from Ross Video

South Korean broadcaster KBS is using Ross Video's PIERO Broadcast File sports analysis tool to analyze the South Korean team's matches at the World Cup in Qatar. In order to make the games easier and better for the audience, the broadcaster KBS relies on the expertise of the Korean professional soccer player Koo Ja-cheol and the German soccer expert Manuel Baum. Even after their time together at 1. FC Augsburg, Koo as a player and Baum as a coach, a friendly relationship exists. Thus, Baum did not hesitate for long when Koo asked him for support in analyzing the games of the South Korean national team. Koo works as an expert for Korean television and was looking for an easy-to-use yet versatile sports analysis tool that would convey the analysis of games in a way that viewers could understand.

Together with LOGIC, they proposed Ross Video's PIERO to Koo and the broadcaster. Manuel Baum is also involved in the actual deployment. Manuel Baum sits in Germany and creates a selection of scenes that lend themselves to analysis. After receiving feedback from South Korea, he uses the high-resolution files to create a game analysis, including graphic overlays, together with an operator and PIERO. Koo receives this in South Korea including a description of what is analyzed in the respective scene. Koo moderates the analyzed video files live on air after the games, commenting and explaining these scenes. Without much technical effort, KBS can thus provide its viewers with a meaningful match analysis.

Manuel Baum is also on hand as an expert for match analysis during the broadcast of World Cup matches on the Magenta TV channel. At the broadcasting center in the Plazamedia building, he and his team also use PIERO and a similar workflow. #piero #rossvideo #logictv #wm #soccer #analyse #magentatv #plazamedia


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