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LOGIC organises event "Hello Hybrid - Hybrid Media Workflows on AWS" at WDR in Cologne

Together with AWS, LOGIC media solutions is organising an event at public broadcaster WDR in Cologne (Germany) on 16 August 2022. Entitled "Hello Hybrid", the event will focus on hybrid media workflows in AWS, with presentations and workshops providing information and best practices on this topic. Various partners from LOGIC and AWS will explain the current status of the AWS’ possibilities of productions in the cloud, their hybrid intermediate forms and give an outlook on future innovations. In practical terms, the event also revolves around the question of what is currently possible and what is not yet possible, thus providing visitors with very concrete decision-making aids when considering cloud production.

LOGIC itself is a certified AWS Solution Provider and has in-depth knowledge of media production in AWS and also offers many additional services, such as the PORTAL Framework, whose workflows and frontends enable users to easily carry out and manage media productions in AWS without programming knowledge.

The "hybrid" aspect comes into play, among other things, in the hardware devices from Grass Valley, used at the beginning of a production, which function effectively as on-premise operating units of the resources in the AWS Cloud and open up many additional production possibilities through their IP connection and mapping in the Cloud as shared resources. There are almost no limits to resource management here.

The programme is completed by partners Grass Valley, Cutting Room, Insys and NPAW, which can map a complete production and value chain on AWS with their solutions in the network. An example could look like this: Users produce the content with solutions from Grass Valley, with Cutting Room it is edited in the browser, with Insys users encrypt the content via serverless DRM and make it available on an online video platform, whose distribution is analysed via CDN and consumption on the end device via NPAW.

The LOGIC part of the event will also deal with the requirements that should be placed on teams and the organisation in media houses or production companies before considering migration to the cloud. Furthermore, projects from the PORTAL and AWS environment LOGIC has already realised will be presented, as well as an outlook on which workflows (can) still be implemented. PORTAL is LOGIC's framework for the implementation of complex (cloud-based) projects in the media environment. With PORTAL, a framework has been established that has internalised the requirements of a workflow for video production. Using a thematic bracket PORTAL, LOGIC uses PORTAL Technology to develop frontends and workflows for cloud-based media productions on AWS. With insights from many projects in which LOGIC has implemented PORTAL, the company knows about the users’ requirements when it comes to media production in the cloud.

Registration for the event "Hello Hybrid - Hybrid Media Workflows on AWS" is possible here plus an updated agenda.


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