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LOGIC media solutions trains on agility

Complex projects demand different ways of working - LOGIC media solutions offers technical services under the PORTAL framework and focuses on an agile mindset both for its own company and for customers. Part of the PORTAL framework is PORTAL Human, which includes our course offering, which we are continuously expanding. We distinguish between PORTAL.skillset, which imparts technical knowledge, and PORTAL.mindset, which deals with training on agile mindset and agile processes. The training courses in PORTAL.mindset teach, for example, "Agile methods in the media company". In this way, we pass on our knowledge to our customers on request, who are facing the same challenges as we are.

With our trained trainers, we educate participants on new methods, different approaches to project implementation and the establishment of a new approach to challenges, which are specifically tailored to the needs of media companies. Thus, this agile mindset, which is a prerequisite for the described transformation processes, is a focus of the workshops.

Would you like to learn more about agile methods and how you can implement them in your company? Then visit us at Hamburg Open 2022 at booth 532.


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