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LOGIC implements PORTAL.easystream and makes HD/UHD streaming via AWS easy and affordable!

With PORTAL.easystream, LOGIC media solutions has developed a workflow that maps the complete media supply chain for HD/UHD streaming in AWS.

Workflow in the AWS cloud

For this purpose, LOGIC uses the new AWS Elemental Link HD/UHD hardware, which is very easy to connect, receives the HD/UHD signal on location and sends a cost-effective HEVC mezzanine stream to AWS MediaLive. MediaLive does the encoding and can output HDR video (HDR-10 or HLG). The complete workflow, all streams and components can be centrally managed and controlled via the PORTAL UI. The PORTAL.easystream complete solution opens up completely new possibilities for media houses, production companies and other companies, even those "far away from the media", to stream HD/UHD signals via the cloud. The financial outlay for the hardware is minimal and streaming costs only arise for the time of use and processed data volumes, without subscription models. Quasi HD/UHD streaming in a pay-as-you-go model. LOGIC has been an AWS Certified Consulting Partner and Reseller since 2015 and can implement almost all media-relevant workflows in the cloud.


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