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LOGIC implements IP-SMPTE2110-based Broadcasting Infrastructure at RTL Deutschland in Cologne

LOGIC media solutions is assisting RTL Deutschland in transitioning its broadcasting operations to a modern IP-based infrastructure. This shift to IP-ST2110 technology is part of a comprehensive project to modernize RTL Deutschland’s in-house infrastructure. A vital aspect of this project is the implementation with the inclusion of SDN. After an in-depth analysis of various control software providers for broadcast IP networks in 2023, the choice fell to Nevion's VideoIPath. LOGIC was entrusted with the planning and implementation. The project began in 2023 and will be implemented in phases throughout 2024.

The decisive factor for RTL Deutschland’s decision to switch to an IP-based infrastructure using Nevion's VideoIPath was the realization that efficient and reliable control of the broadcast networks is only possible through central instances. The SDN implemented with VideoIPath enables this central control and offers the "Federation" feature, which allows for the secure interconnection of various production areas, ensuring smooth communication between them. In preparation, a high-level design was developed in collaboration with LOGIC, which envisages the separation of RTL Deutschland's production areas into four different sections, each with its own VideoIPath. The communication between the individual VideoIPath units is of the highest priority and is ensured. This design guarantees high general and fail-safe security in operation, as the entire infrastructure does not work with a single system and simultaneously meets the dynamic requirements of RTL Deutschland's broadcasting operations.

The project's realization began at the end of 2023 and will be implemented gradually throughout 2024. This approach allows for a smooth implementation with the possibility of making ad-hoc and individual adjustments during execution.

Furthermore, as part of the project start, training for RTL Deutschland employees at various required skill levels will occur. LOGIC provides individually prepared workshops for this purpose, which will take place at RTL Deutschland using their own system. However, these trainings can be conducted at the LOGIC Media Training Centre in Mainz (LMTZ) if desired.

"The transition to an IP-based infrastructure with Nevion's VideoIPath is a crucial step in our strategy to modernize the production and broadcasting technology of RTL Deutschland and to be able to realize future projects with high flexibility," says Andrea Kahlo, Director of Broadcast Systems at RTL Technology. "The collaboration with LOGIC, from planning to the now-beginning implementation, convinces us and is characterized by high competence and solution orientation," Andrea Kahlo continued.

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