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LOGIC coaches rbb supervisors on agile mindset in the media environment

Already at last year's IBC, the system architect and cloud specialist for media systems, LOGIC media solutions GmbH, published the software PORTAL, which is based on Amazon Web Services. As mentioned at that time, the PORTAL framework does not only consist of the pure frontend for AWS based media systems and the necessary connectors for the implementation of cloud based and hybrid solutions, but is completed by a course (PORTAL.mindset) for media companies.

Since a company-wide training in 2018 on agile working methods, LOGIC transformed both the project department and the support and sales departments to this way of working. "We noticed that with the increasingly complex projects that we realized with our partners, we were no longer able to achieve the desired results using the familiar working methods," says Jens Gnad, Managing Director of LOGIC. "Especially in the environment of hybrid and cloud-based projects, the approach via a contract for work and services is honestly not appropriate for the desired system," Gnad continues. The agile attitude lived at LOGIC was now summarized in a two-day PORTAL workshop and trained for the first time at rbb.

rbb is heavily involved in the ARD. It is responsible for important facilities of the ARD community, e.g. the ARD Capital Studio or the ARD Play-Out Center.

With the construction of its Cross-Media News Center (CNC), rbb is taking another consistent step towards an efficient and modern infrastructure. In order to reliably meet the complex demands placed on the CNC, it will be supervised by a cross-functional team of supervisors during and after commissioning. Eight of these prospective supervisors were trained on the PORTAL.mindset module in Potsdam at the beginning of October.

The trainers from LOGIC showed the supervisors the scope of agile working methods and how they can be applied to the media industry. "In our training as agile trainers, we learned that there are big differences in whether agile methods are used in the automotive industry or the media landscape, for example," says Thomas Heyer, agile trainer at LOGIC. In terms of content, the course participants received detailed insights into agile techniques such as SCRUM or Kanban and what makes an agile attitude.

Part of the two-day training was also a look at change management. Change and the changes that come with it should be perceived as an opportunity both in one's own environment and in the team. The right methodology should support the employees to evaluate change positively and to perceive change as a future-proof opportunity.

"Agility is per se one of the great demands on public broadcasting. We are therefore pleased that we were able to gain an insight into the multifaceted world of agile project management methods during the two days," says Marcel Groß, Head of File Management rbb and Head of Supervisors, as well as initiator of the training. "It is of great personal concern to me that my colleagues deal positively with the upcoming changes and see the challenges as an opportunity for further development. The PORTAL.mindset course has shown us interesting ways in which we as a media company can benefit from agile work structures and help shape the increasingly complex demands," Gross concludes.

LOGIC is now offering the training to interested companies as a two-day workshop with a certificate of completion.


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