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Work models are as dynamic as Bitcoin prices

Sometimes I feel left alone with all the different work models I encounter nowadays, of which I don't know if they fit LOGIC, the media industry and my understanding of work performance.

20, 32 or 40 hours per week, working on the road, from the home office, from vacation, at night as well as during the day, or simply not at all. How do I measure work performance or record time? Is time the right basis for delivering work performance in a knowledge society or is it rather the result that counts? How do I define the result and what is it exactly? How do I define goals and results for a medium-sized company and what do I do if they are not achieved?

These and many other thoughts are probably going through the minds of quite a few business leaders and promoters when he or she looks at the transformation of the industry.

One thing is certain for me after these 1 ½ years of unusual work circumstances.

Employees who, despite the circumstances, did their work from the office that could not be done from home are the real heroes to me in our company. We experienced no complaints, no blockage even though they know for sure that all the new work models I mentioned and will describe will never apply to them and that during the pandemic they put themselves at risk on the one hand and subjected themselves to the requirements of voluntary testing, wearing masks and lonely office rooms on the other.

Folks, thank you so much. Without you we would not have made it this far and this well! The whole company is in your debt, because I can say for myself that all the hardware, I sold in 2020 and 2021 went through your hands!

So, what's in store for us now after this crazy time? Are we through? No one knows, yet we cannot stand still.

The view of how we work has changed dramatically, and I continue to maintain that a modern employer can no longer demand that its employees return to the office entirely. It is an intrinsic drive for almost all of us to work with other people, which is why I believe that people will come back voluntarily.

Maybe not daily however certainly two to three days a week.

But the question remains; how do I measure work success and define goals or expected outcomes?

The only measurable work success I have is the satisfaction of our customers and that we can pay salaries. Two simple but absolutely essential basic requirements.

In my early years at LOGIC, I was taught "there is only one ZDF*, so act accordingly", which has shaped my focus on customer satisfaction.

So is a satisfied customer the measure of all things, and can't I achieve that from anywhere in the world? And is the customer willing to reward that or does only the "best price" count. How can this added value be remunerated? Questions about questions with which one could fill an evening.

For me, I am setting a goal for 2021 that I want to see customer satisfaction as the highest good and allow my colleagues to achieve this from everywhere.

Therefore, and until the end of 2021, we will introduce a work model that was new to me and to many of our employees.

Workation = Work + Vacation.

Working where others go on vacation. That sounds like a rather hackneyed advertising slogan for a village in the backcountry regions.

If you soon have a colleague from LOGIC on the phone and hear a sirtaki in the background, it could be because he or she is working on the beach in Heraklion.

Again, the basis is trust and courage. We allow ourselves both for this project and see what happens.

Here is to a good and hopefully soon to come post-covid time.

*can gladly be replaced by other broadcasters and media houses 😉


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