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RT Software's Tactic Pro improves player recognition with new release

With live sports broadcasts, time and quick action is everything. Of course, the best way to do this would be to include analytics graphics in videos while the game is still going on. That seems difficult, but it's easy to do with Tactic Pro from RT Software. Machine learning and AI support are the buzzwords that keep coming up in sports production. But with Tactic Pro, they have real benefits, simplifying production workflows in day-to-day operations and opening up new possibilities for presentation. Tactic Pro's player recognition feature, based on machine learning, has been released in version 5.4.0 of Tactic Pro. Soon to be released is 5.4.3, which will feature the results of machine learning. Tactic Pro's ability to detect and track players has improved by about 60% with the new release!

The AI functionalities of Tactic Pro provide the necessary precision and reliability, an important aspect in live events. With just one click of the mouse, Tactic Pro can highlight the running path of each player and their movements during a sequence. All these features, combined with automated player recognition and a solid tracking system, greatly reduce the time needed to create analysis clips. Most recently, Turkish broadcaster TRT used Tactic Pro in its production of the 2020/2021 European Football Championship. With the Tablet Control function, the analysis clips can be made available to the presenter on his tablet, via which he can play them back and broadcast them live. An absolute highlight of Tablet Control is the possibility for the presenter to insert his own graphics into the sequences via his tablet, which are then played out live.

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