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LOGIC supports animal shelter Egelsbach with 2000€ material donation

We are happy to be able to support the animal shelter in Egelsbach this year with a material donation worth 2,000€ for upcoming renovation work as a result of our Christmas scratch campaign. For this purpose, our colleagues Bernd Link and Viviane Puffay were on site, visited the four-legged friends on the one hand, and on the other hand, together with Markus, who is responsible for the maintenance of the animal houses, inspected where our donation will be used.

The shelter, which is run by the Tier-Rettungs-Dienst-Frankfurt E.V., has specialized in dogs over the years. Differently than often usual, the animals are held here not separately, but in groups, which affects extremely positively the social behavior and the psyche of the protégés. A special concern of the team is to give a home even to initially incompatible dogs and to gradually resocialize them.

For LOGIC, the campaign is a matter of heart, because many of our employees also have loyal four-legged companions at their side, who always sweeten the working day for all of us.

We wish the team at the Egelsbach animal shelter every success with the renovation work and all the best for the future.

You would also like to support the animal shelter? Especially donations for the medical care of the four-legged friends or contributions to the electricity costs for heating the animal houses are very welcome.

Here you can make yourselves a picture:


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