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LOGIC media solutions welcomes Crosscast as new user of the hi human interface control system

LOGIC media solutions has been a sales partner for the hi human interface media control system since 2021. As part of the agreement with its manufacturer Broadcast Solutions, we are also responsible for first level support. hi human interface follows a clearly user-centred approach and impresses with its ease of use and flexibility in adapting workflows. This also convinced Crosscast GmbH, an outside broadcast service provider belonging to the MMC Group, when it came to equipping their new UHD/HDR OB truck. As Ross Video equipment formed the heart of the new OB truck, a perfect link between hi and Ross Video's Ultrix Acuity system, which enables centralised and decentralised work, was a decisive reason for integrating hi. The smooth integration of hi into the Lawo audio system, based on a Lawo mc256 console, also contributed to this decision, hi human interface thus bridging the gap between old and new workflow concepts.

Hacik Kölcü, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of MMC, appreciates the simple and intuitive operation of hi human interface, the very clear UI, the

logical/visual links between GPI and UMD based on the circuit diagram and the fast and good service provided by the team.

Hacik Kölcü, CTO of MMC

He comments: "We currently use hi human interface to control the Lawo Nova/mc256 system, the complete Ross Ultrix system including multiviewer, the Ultrix Acuity video mixer and various smaller distribution routers. All in all, we are very satisfied, as the control system has brought the hoped-for simplification and centralisation in the control of the OB van." His colleague Maurice Göddertz, OB van manager at the MMC Group, adds: "Preparation, implementation and follow-up are much quicker than before. The commissioning of hi through the automatic readout of the router database is also amazingly fast and an entire OB van can be configured within 3-4 days."

The complete hi installation includes three Intel NUC-based servers and 3x 1U hiPush 18 hardware panels, as well as 3x GPIO boxes for tally and preview. With these components, the users in the OB van control extensive tasks, according to Leimbach: the routing of the video router incl. embedding and de-embedding of embedded audio as well as 128 Ch. Madi audio, UMD distribution across the entire system (from the software panel to the multiviewer to the XPT on the mixer panel), control of the monitoring volume in the control rooms, audio follow video via the link between the video mixer and LAWO Core, tally assignment to cameras and preview of the video signals in the image technology via GPIO links.

With its compact dimensions, the UHD/HDR OB van can work with a maximum of 16 cameras and flexibly respond to changing requirements inside. Shows that have already been implemented include, for example, the 14th season of the RTL show "Let's Dance", which was implemented in UHD/HDR.


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